“Download The 4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf &
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Sam Stingger

Sam Stingger

Here’s the story…

In the early 60s, Joe Dante, one of golf’s greatest teachers wrote a book called “The 4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf”… this book later went on to be considered by all golfing professionals around the world as the ‘The Holy Grail of Golf’.

Backed with incredibly comprehensive analysis of the perfect golf swing mechanics, Dante’s system shows how straightforward it is to improve one’s game. These deceptively simple techniques are guaranteed to immediately improve your golf swing!

In fact, just one simple “magic move” instantly uncorks so much hidden raw power, balance and accuracy, that you can go out tomorrow and launch a pin-point 230-yard tee shot with a 3-wood.

And that’s just the start, here’s a few more secrets Dante shares in his book:

  • How to hit more greens and get the ball consistently close to the pin…
  • 6 “Golf Myths” on which most golfers waste 85% of their mental energy.
  • How to prevent disastrous “power leaks” and hit with greater distance and accuracy every time.
  • 4 proven techniques to get you into the 70’s instantly.
  • Learn how to swing the club on the correct path each and every time
  • Develop the ability to spot mistakes in your swing before you reach the first tee

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Suffice to say, this book rocks…

I know this might all sounds too good to be true, but don’t take my word for it, read what Gary Wiren of the PGA Hall of Fame, Golf Magazine’s World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame & author of New Golf Mind, had to say:

“Thirty years ago I was recommending Joe Dante’s book The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf as a must read for aspiring PGA professionals. What Dante said in ’62 has influenced many of the game’s finest teachers. Dante was a visionary.”

Pretty impressive huh!

Here are a few people, just like yourself, who have already tried and tested the methods taught in this book. Just take a look at what they have to say:

“Forget them all and buy the 4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf, keep your old clubs and fire your pro. It helps if you practice a lot, that’s for sure but when you see the progress the practice becomes a lot of fun.”

– Malcolm Gillespie, United Kingdom

“Finding this book a few years ago was like finding golf’s holy grail. I haven’t had a “bad” ball stricking day since I picked it up. Knowing what I know now, I’d given thousands of dollars for this information – what it teaches is priceless.”

– R. Roth, Texas, U.S.A.

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Fact is, a decent set of clubs can can cost anywhere up to $1000 and beyond, but the best clubs is a waste of money without the skill to use them.

Joe Dante’s book is the quickest, easiest way to improve your game – if you’re into golf, you need this book.

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Are you still thinking about it? Please let me remove your risk completely with my…No Questions Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re serious about golf, grab your copy of “The 4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf”, and if you’re not happy for any reason simply let me know and I’ll refund your purchase 100%. I can’t be fairer than that.

Order now and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your new and perfect golf swing.

Your Golfing Buddy,

Sam Stingger

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