Sam Stingger

Sam Stingger

Hi, I’m Sam Stingger.

Let me share with you my little story of how I found the right guide that helped improve my golf game. Around 10 years ago I got interested with golf. I was hooked! I bought my set of clubs and I even dressed like a professional golfer starting from my khaki pants to my visor. But I quickly realized while I looked like a PGA player, I was nowhere even being a good one. My game was so poor that I reached a point where I declined requests to join friends and colleagues for a round of golf. Instead I played alone, afraid I might be the center of jokes. I still loved the game but I was suffering from it.

I was determined to be a better player and I rejected the idea that I couldn’t improve my game. So I knew I needed help, and I needed a solution fast.

I tried to search everywhere for the answer to my problem. I bought golf clubs with the promise they would make me a great player. I bought video courses that cost me hundreds of dollars. But none of them helped me. Until I met a fellow golfer who gave me a copy of Joe Dante’s book, “4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf”. Since I had tried everything I decided there was nothing for me to lose by giving that book a shot.

I read the book in one sitting and when I put it down I finally had a clear idea on how to approach my game. I practiced every tip and instruction that Joe presented in that book. And you know what? Within just a couple of week’s time, I was able to cut my handicap by up to 12 strokes!

I didn’t think it was possible back then, but I was able to break 80 after just a week of reading the book. Without a doubt, Joe Dante, the best golf swing trainer, helped me improve my golf game.

Soon I was the envy of my friends because I always finished way ahead of them. I couldn’t describe the feeling, of how happy I was since getting that book. Somehow I felt obligated to share this knowledge to people who are experiencing the same problem. That’s why I contacted the copyright owner and got the rights to make this book publicly available. If you want to have that perfect swing, you need this book!

I’m now overflowing with confidence whenever I step on a golf course. The book changed my life, let it change yours too.

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Enjoy great shots every game.