Train Your Core Golf Fitness Tip

by David Jenyns on September 9, 2012 Dee Tidwell of Championship Golf Fitness shows golfers everywhere a few exercises to improve your core and stability both important for your golf game.
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Golf Lessons – How The Golf Swing Works

by David Jenyns on September 3, 2012

Click Here: Golf Lessons In this lesson I explain how the golf swing incorporates the very same elements found in all other sports. It’s these elements that allow you to develop incredible power and consistency as your swing. If you’ve had golf lessons in the past you may have been taught to hit the ball solely with your arms. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This type of golf instruction is only half of the swing. Although the arms play a role in generating the power in the golf swing these arms have to be connected to something. To understand it, think about throwing a ball, swinging a bat or racquet. If you never played any of these sports before you would at least be able make the motion almost instantly without lessons or instruction. The reason you can play other sports well yet have trouble playing golf is because the ball in all of these other sports is in motion whereas in golf the ball is stationary. With a stationary object sitting in front of you, you’ll want to hit the object instead of swinging through the object. The harder you hit, the tighter you get, the more you’ll move the club off of it’s path. Also, when you try to hit hard it causes your arms to buckle through impact thus narrowing the swing arc which lowers your swing speed. There is differing golf instruction out there. Hopefully, after you watch this and other golf lessons you see that the legs play an important role in the golf swing. If not, the best players in the


How to play golf – improving the swing speed and accuracy

August 28, 2012

To see the whole collection and watch all the tutorials please visit: Golf Masters secrets •Avoid the four common mistakes that decimate even the most competent golfer’s score •Wrong posture kills your swing discover the two crucial insights to perfecting your stance •Get a grip: the right grip. Revealed: the pro’s grips for […]

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Golf Swing Tip | Driver And Iron Lesson

August 22, 2012 watch the video golf tip from the Exeter golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about the iron golf swing and the driver golf swing. Watch the video compare for some great tips and better golf. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Steve Stricker golf swing

August 16, 2012

Steve Stricker golf swing analysis. Slow motion. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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TaylorMade R11 and TaylorMade R11 TP Drivers Features

August 10, 2012

See the full product spec PGA Level One coach and GolfOnline product expert Rajiv Patel breaks down his favourite golf clubs so far of 2011, the TaylorMade R11 and R11 TP, both in stunning white with black face and maximum customisation options. Please use the link above to get the best price on the […]

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Jared Allen Night Ops Golf – The NOC

August 4, 2012

Jared Allen, Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, and other celebrities spend the day meeting war veterans, soldiers, and fans at Allen’s charity golf tournament, Homes 4 Wounded Warriors. Check out Jared and the others as they play a round of golf at night! Jared Allen invites you to help! By texting WARRIOR to 80088 you can […]

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Golf Fault Fixer: Pulling and slicing tips

July 29, 2012

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Barney Puttick offers Simon Andrews some crucial advice, drills and tips on how to stop pulling and slicing his drives Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Misterjaw Audio Bumpers

July 23, 2012

MISTERJAW bumpers (AUDIO ONLY) as follows: Fearless Freddy Chasing Misterjaw,Misterjaw Playing Golf on a Whale, Misterjaw’s Lucky Horseshoe.***SORRY-NOT AVAILABLE ON VIDEO*** tape recorded spring 1978.**pajamamar2011 has no rights to this material; For entertainment, non-profit and nastolgic purposes only.** Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Minecraft – Testificate Golf – Holes 10-11

July 17, 2012

The final holes – thanks Sazberry for the splashscreen – forget spleef! This is where it’s at. High fives to Ridgedog and TheVoxelBox for this one! Original Yog-golf videos were here: Original Yog-golf made by DaveChaos: Music – ‘Assertive Mood’ by RenoakRhythm, part of Approaching Nirvana: Editing and scoring by Hannah: […]

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