4 Tips To Improve Game As You Play Golf In North Georgia

by David Jenyns on June 19, 2011

4 Tips To Help You Play Better As You Play Golf In North Georgia

Teegolfer unveils 4 simple tips to help you play better as your play golf in North Georgia.

Surprising Golf Tip #1: Why proper health and nutrition?

We start with the most basic question. Why is proper health and nutrition important to play better golf?

Golf is a game that requires a combination of mechanics, concentration, balance, strength and stamina. When it comes to playing a better game of golf we usually pay the price for a lesson, a golf program online, or simply long hours on the driving range trying to improve our game.

Often a golfer neglects the one thing he/she can control and that’s basic health and nutrition.

Proper health is one of the most crucial parts to your game for helping or hurting your performance on the golf course. It can help you feel better, prevent injuries that cause pain, and can even help in your concentration on the golf course. Therefore, correct nutrition preparation such as the quality of food one eats and a balanced diet must be taken into consideration to achieve the best performance on the golf course so you can play better golf.

Understanding the importance of health and nutrition and implementing a solid plan is a great beginning point to playing better golf. In essence, what you eat can determine how you play.

Are you willing to pay the price to get your body in proper physical health and shape to give you the best chance to play better golf? If you are serious about lowering your score and improving your golf game, you will need to commit to seeing a proper diet and health advice in this book to see it through!

Surprising Tip #2: Why is fitness so important in golf?

Having a proper fitness can aid you in developing flexibility, strength, and power to drive the golf ball farther. It can be a key factor if you play every day or if you are involved in competitive golf.

The strength to hit the golf ball is just as important as the strength you need for endurance physically and mentally to finish 18 holes playing at your best.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were playing great for about 10 or 13 holes and then you hit a wall. Well, it feels like a wall because you start to miss shots, hit it in the water or out of bounds. You go from Mr. Smooth and Control to Mr. Crumble and Stumble!

What happened?

There is a good chance your body got tired so you made a simple mental mistake. Or your endurance was lacking and you lost control of your swing. This break down could be caused by not drinking enough water or forgetting to have a proper intake of protein.

Or, it simply could be the fact that your body is out of shape! Too much time on the coach watching television and not keeping your vow to hit the fitness center is one cause of an out of shape body.

Don’t feel bad. It is not uncommon to be in this place.

But don’t stay in that condition! You made a decision you want to improve your game. You want to play better golf and beat your golfing buddies instead of always paying them the skin money.

One step at a time!

Being in your best shape will help you from hitting that wall on the course and giving you a chance to play all 18 holes at your peak ability. The best place to start is a routine that involves aerobic exercise as well as a specific training for the muscles involved in a golf swing. In addition, fitness training that involves proper stretches to increase your flexibility is a must.

As you follow this routine, when you get to that place of wanting to sit on the coach instead of work on your fitness, grab a hold of that mental picture of YOU playing great golf. See yourself walking the fairways with confidence as you beat up on your competition or regular foursome. Put some mental action behind your determined fortitude to stick with a basic fitness program to play the golf of your dreams consistently!

Surprising Tip # 3: Basic Health Keys For Actual Day Of Playing Golf

Let’s take this one step at a time now.

So what are some basic keys to keep in mind during the actual day of your golf game.

Key #1: This might seem obvious but is often overlooked by many golfers. You have to eat a real breakfast. I don’t mean rush out the door on an empty stomach and pick up a donut to go with your coffee either. I mean a real sit down breakfast that is necessary to start your day out right, especially if you have 18 holes planned for the day. Even if you plan on taking a golf cart for the round, this is still an essential key!

You need protein and carbohydrates and the right kind of fats. This helps in your overall digestion and insures you are getting the proper nutrients. Try a couple of eggs and a bowl of oatmeal instead of a sugar high donut or sweets start. Or if you are in a rush, consider a hard boil egg with some form of food high in carbohydrates. Skip the sugar and don’t go over board with the caffeine.

Don’t skip this meal! You will need that slow and steady release of energy to see you through difficult or long hours of play.

Key #2: This involves correct warm up. Before you hit that first shot on the first tee, give your body a chance! Stretch! Hit a few range balls to warm up. And stretch some more. Don’t over practice on the range. Just hit enough balls to get a sense of your tempo and to loosen up any tight muscles. This one key could help you the most as you walk up to that first tee box!

Key #3: Drink lots of liquid. Don’t forget to drink about 6 ounces of water or a sport drink while you are actually on the golf course. If drinking a beer is tempting you, imagine beating your friends and having them buy you that first brewskie at the 19th hole!

And finally Key #4: Snack wisely. Those pretty ladies driving the snack and beverage cart are not always known for having healthy choices. So don’t put yourself in a position to have to rely on them.

Bring bananas, nutrition bars, dried fruit, apples or a sports bar. When you see the pros chomping on a banana or apple, they are not necessarily doing that because they are hungry as much as making sure they can maintain energy through their high pressured grueling round.

You need to do the same. Even if you don’t feel hungry, grab that apple and chomp!

Surprising Tip #4: Nutrition and Health Advice Overall

This tip fits right along with health keys for the day you actually play. There is no one perfect or specific food or diet plan that will fit every golfers’ needs. And please do get your doctor’s advice, especially if you have specific health problems.

The most basic beginning is to drink plenty of water every day. We cannot stress that enough.

Also make a daily choice to eat whole, unrefined, grain products over highly processed food options. This will mean a change in your thinking as much as your eating habits if you eat out a lot. You can do this! Just think before you eat. Avoid the high processed or sugar based foods.

Take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral. Your body needs all the supplements it can get, especially if you are not used to watching what you eat. This has become a big key for me as I study and learn more about amazing supplements and vitamin drinks full of antioxidants!

Finally, choose products and fruits high in antioxidants. Eat that apple instead of the candy bar! The importance of antioxidants will be discussed in detail later in this book.

Theresa Croft, known as Teegolfer, is a former professional golfer who helps golfers of all ages with her book “20 Simple Tips To Help You Play Better Golf” offered at http://PlayGolfNorthGeorgia.com. She also is a business consultant with her video marketing company at http://DTCMarketplace.com.

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