Eliminate Fat Golf Shots For Good And Play Your Best Golf

by David Jenyns on September 18, 2011

There are a few reasons why a golfer may struggle with hitting fat golf shots.  First of all, a fat golf shot is one where the ground is hit first behind the golf ball.  Ideally, the correct way to come through impact is to hit the ball first and then take a divot hitting the ground after the golf ball.  If you hit the ground before the ball, you’ll lose distance and club head speed.  When the golf club hits the ground before the golf ball, it slows down the speed of which it is traveling.  Solid contact with the golf ball can only occur when the ball is hit first as the club head comes through the impact zone.

Now, a few reasons why you may be hitting fat golf shots is because your swing is too steep, your wrists are releasing too early, or your weight is stuck too far on your back foot or right side as you are trying to hit the golf ball.  Once you know which of these is your problem, you can work on whatever is necessary to fix it and then will be able to eliminate fat shots and have better contact.

If your golf swing is too steep, you’ll have a tendency to hit shots a bit heavy or fat.  When the golf club swings down too vertically with a narrow swing arc it’s harder to catch the golf ball cleanly on the club face.  To combat a steep swing, try to feel yourself swinging the golf club more around your body.  At the top of your golf swing, the club should be right over the tip of your right shoulder.  If the club is too steep, it will be too far over your neck or head.  In order to round out your swing plane, you may want to feel more of a baseball swing.  You can take practice swings by starting the club out in front of you a couple feet above the ground.  Then, as you make these practice swings, you’ll be able to get your swing plane flatter and more around your body as opposed to too steep.


The second reason fat shots may be happening is because of an early release with your wrists in your downswing.  This problem can actually cause fat and thin shots.  It’s very difficult to catch the golf ball solidly when the wrists release too early in the golf downswing.  The proper position at impact should consist of your hands leading slightly as you hit the golf ball.  This will allow to strike the ball first as opposed to hitting the ground behind it.  All good golfers have a big separation in their downswing between their right wrist and their right shoulder.  You want to swing down with your arms on the downswing but still maintain the lag or angle from your club shaft to your right forearm.  

This is really not that complicated.  If your wrists release early, the golf club shaft and your right arm becomes a straight line.  Instead of doing this, try to hold the angle between the club shaft and your right forearm and you’ll clip the golf ball perfectly with solid contact every time.

Now in a good golf swing, there should also be a proper weight shift.  On the backswing, your weight shifts to your right side.  On the forward swing or downswing, your weight will shift back to the front or left side.  If you move too far back laterally on your backswing, you may have a harder time getting back to the golf ball at impact.  It’s important to be right in line with the golf ball at impact when you’re hitting it.  Generally, if you get too far ahead of the ball you’ll hit thin shots.  The opposite is also true with hitting fat shots.  Behind too far behind the ball causes your club head to bottom out too early in the swing arc and you’ll hit the ground first.  To combat this problem, try and make a correct weight shift on your backswing.  This way it will be easier for you to come back to the ball in the correct position and hit the ball with solid contact.


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