How To Play Golf Like A Pro.Simple Basic facts On How To Learn Golf The Right Way

by David Jenyns on June 5, 2011

When starting to play golf, always practice with the intention of a purpose. Don’t be like other golfers hitting balls aimlessly all over the golfing range. Always play golf with a set goal in the back of your mind, and practice on reaching this goal.

Many golfers on most occasions turn up to the golf course and practice hitting balls with good intentions, but in many cases at times can not understand where they are going wrong with their form, and how it is effecting their course of learning how to play golf like a pro. Know this, when you learn to practice with a plan in mind, your golf will start to improve. When you have a plan of attack on learning how to play golf, all your golfing techniques will start to improve, and you will see results.

Always Make a Habit Of Planning your Practice Sessions
Before you head off to the golf range make sure you are targeting a goal, and one goal only to practice on the day. Don’t go to the golf range with a hundred different manouvres at once. It won’t work. It is crytical to focus upon one key element for the day, whether it is shaping shots, a technical change or simply rhythm.
Plan  on how many balls you are going to hit and how long you plan to practice, and stick to that plan.
Always wear the right golfing attire, not your business suit or work clothes.
Always carry the correct equipment. If you wear gloves make sure you have them with you.

Stretching Exercises Are a Major Benefit

Many people underestimate how many muscles are required to hit a golf ball correctly. Twisting at high speed during a golf swing uses many muscles, and if you have not stretched, you will be severly limited in your ability to play golf.

Never at all hurry your practice session. Too many golfers hit one golf ball after another without giving their body time to recover. Always allow your body time to recover between golf shots. When you get half way through your golf game, do some loosening up exercises. Practice some neck rolls to loosen up your shoulders and waist twists to keep your torso flexible.

Always Get Into The Habit Of Practicing And Playing Like a Pro

Whilst a professional golf player has far more skill than a club golfer, the practice rules still apply the same. With many responsibilities and business worries in one’s life, it can be difficult to concentrate on playing golf, but, even if you can just forget about everything around you for a half hour , you will see improvements

Practice sessions should have a rhythm. If You are constantly interrupted by your friends or associates, each shot you attempt becomes diluted. If you can’t concentrate because of interruptions, practise something that needs little effort like chip shots and pitching. If you can not concentrate while hitting balls, how can you be learning how to play golf. Instead, you will be learning how to make mistakes.

Always Work your Way Through Your Golf Bag

It is perfectly understandable to many to want to reach for the driver, but it is necessary you work your way up through the bag, starting from the wedge, then progressing to the mid irons, and then finally reaching the woods. This has little relation with stretching and warming up. In fact, this is a required and necessary discipline to correct playing faults as you enlarge the length of your swing. If you start off with a full swing there is no way of telling when a fault is starting

Stick with your Plan and Learn from Every Shot

Always try to avoid being interrupted. This is one of the most important factors. Go to the golfing range with a set plan in mind, and stick to it to the end. In time, your golf will improve rapidly. Don’t  go bying golf balls out of anger or frustration. By far the most important grounds of practising for maximum skill gain is a disciplined attitude within the golfer. Stick to the plan, never hurry and you will learn from every shot you practice. In time, you will learn how to play golf like a pro


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