Learn To Get the Correct Golf Swing Plane

by David Jenyns on June 26, 2011

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While playing the golf whenever you move your club, it travels some path which is known as the golf swing plane. You should always notice the golf swing plane, the angle at which your friend moves his club and how it meets the ground.

To have a good golf swing planeyou should do practice with your friend. While playing golf you will observe that the club shaft moves up, behind, down and through, all in a relatively constant motion. The golf swing planeis different for different golf players. The golf swing plane is a result of golfer’s body size, posture and muscle coordination.

In the game of golf the golf swing plane is the most important thing for a golfer. To keep the club on a consistent golf swing plane and the way you turn around your body is the stimulus that differentiate the high handicapper and low handicapper. To know about the way make your golf swing plane is to ask someone to make your video. Fixing a laser light onto the end of the club handle is the technical way to help you in making your golf swing planecorrect.

What Is the Proper Golf swing plane To Have?

The golf swing plane is never right or wrong, it is the angle of your golf swing plane. Some golf players have a sharp while some have shallow golf swing plane angles. Generally it has been observed that the golf swing planeof thepeople of short length using the standard length golf clubs is shallow. However the players who are taller when use standard length golf clubs, they usually have a steeper golf swing plane.

The golf swing plane of a golf player also varies from other player due to the joint stiffness and flexibility. The golf swing plane of the players with stiff/ tight joints is usually sharper. In comparison to this the body of younger players or older people is very flexible.

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The golf swing plane also depends upon the type of golf club:

The size, shape and type of the golf club being used by the golf player also affect the golf swing plane of the player. It has been found that the golf swing planeof the player using a sand wedge golf club is always steeper. While the golf swing planeis shallow for the players using driver clubs. The driver is the longest golf club and always offers you the most flat golf swing plane.

It is upto you how you use your golf swing plane to make good shots. You can even have good results with each of your golf swing plane. You can also have a little steeper backswing compared to the downswing.

Last Minute Tip for the golf swing plane:

Your position and set up are responsible for your every golf swing plane. Avoid standing too near to your ball. The right hand golfers should not tilt their upper torso too far to the left and vice-a-versa for the left handed golf players. This is adviced to avoid the steeper golf swing plane.

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