The Only Way To Perfect Your Golf Swing Mechanics Is By Investing Into Your Own Time And Energy!

by David Jenyns on June 12, 2011

When you’re working on your golf game at the driving range, start with the necessary preparations of doing your stretching exercises first.Then begin slowly with a golf club that doesn’t take much of your energy.Continue taking your time hitting golf balls, and breath in the fresh air by relaxing. You don’t have to keep pounding golf balls to the point your exhausted, and you’re hurting from swelling in your fingers,hands,legs or lower back joint muscles.

It’s good to work on your golf swing, but it doesn’t have to be a workout like you would get at the gym. If you would only take your time, you can learn a lot by just watching other golfers swinging and mishitting their golf balls all over the driving range area.

I will watch for the different methods golfers will use when they swing their golf clubs, and some of the golf swings are fairly good, but others need a whole lot of work. I usually think to myself that if only they could change the way they practiced they would become so much better golfers.

What do you need to do in order to practice the correct golf swing mechanics? If you’re going to work on your golf swing then every golf club in your bag needs to be used practicing. “That is the number one problem” I see with the vast majority of all golfers on the driving range hitting golf balls today.Their only focus is about using their drivers, and trying to hit the golf ball out of the driving range area.

They’re there to hit the snot out of the golf ball, so that they can brag how far they hit it to their golfing buddies. If this is what your doing, then I have some bad news for you. You’ll never improve your golf swing mechanics.

You won’t be able to improve unless you commit yourself to spending as much time as possible to every part of your golf game. You need to dedicate yourself to hitting one golf ball at a time, with every golf swing thought being fundamentally sound. You can’t expect to do anything in life unless your passionate about investing your time and energy into improving oneself.

What should you do? This means you need to forget about concentrating on just your driver at the driving range. A driving range should in fact be referred too as a practice range as you are there to practice on your golf swing mechanics only. You want to develop a correct golf swing that you can take it out onto the golf course without needing to give it any swing thoughts during your golf round.

If you have just been striking golf balls after balls on the driving range and your golf swing is getting worse. You need to stop whatever your doing! So how does a golfer know when his golf swing mechanics is correct or incorrect? Have you ever heard that practicing doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent. It’s True!

Do you want to lower your golf scores? Then you must invest into something worthwhile that will improve your golf swing. That would be Medicus the #1 swing trainer aid in the world. The Medicus Learning System is dedicated to assisting golfers of all ages. “Master the Basics” of golf through a consistent process of education, training and practice.

Golfers in the past had to rely on the theories and interpretations of their teaching professional, and from books and videos which gave conflicting information. All these have led to the confusion, frustration and inconsistency of the golfer.

If you truly believe that you can work out your golfing swing flaws on your own without some type of training aids, then you’re only kidding yourself. What do you expect? Just when you think you might have solved part of your golfing problems, your work in fixing the problem is done, and another problem will show its ugly head. Leading to more confusion, frustration and inconsistency.

Wouldn’t it be better to follow a step by step system that takes you through the various components of the golf swing and explains them in a way that you can better understand? That is why Medicus developed a comprehensive series of golf training aids.

I also recommend finding a good local teaching professional. It doesn’t hurt to receive lessons when you are struggling with your golf game. I especially recommend it for newbies who are interested in improving their golf swing so that they can take it out onto the golf course with them.

Get someone to teach you the fundamentals and then work hard at it. Golf is one of the hardest and most frustrating games to play. It is an individual game unlike team sports where you can rely on your teammates. When you are playing it’s based solely on your own skills and experience.

That is why over 80% of all people picking up the game will never break 100. In order to shoot lower scores the only way to accomplish this is by putting in the time for practicing and devoting oneself to patience and persistency. You’re never too old to change your attitude about your golf swing.

How good can you become? It’s based upon how much you want improvement. Many golfers including myself have worked diligently by practicing all of the time. After I got onto the golf team there was plenty of help through personal coaching and watching video tapes of myself. Still I would invest the time on the driving range 3 to 4 hours/day. Then play 18 holes at the college’s home course. Practicing with every club in my bag.

That is how I went from barely breaking 80 to shooting consistently in the mid 70’s. Then I took it up one notch further and played competitive golf in college golf tournaments. This is where you’ll learn if you have a golf swing that will hold up under pressure. By playing competitively using a handicap or playing scratch this can only improve your self-confidence overall.

Many golfers when they first begin to play golf find it a problem to get their golf swing right. The troubles they encounter is that even when it looks correct they still cannot seem to progress at the rate that they would like to. In order to improve their golf swing mechanics and lower their overall scores, they tend to believe by playing more, their golf swing will naturally improve on its own. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Instead their golf game seems to be stuck and they have no idea on how to improve. Very often the trouble is that they have never taken the time to learn the proper way to swing a golf club. Many golfers mistakenly believe that a good looking golf swing is the key to their golfing success.

It’s not enough just to look as though you are as good as the next golfer or comparing yourself to what’s on TV. Just because your golf swing looks good doesn’t mean that you have the proper golf swing mechanics that can benefit you. This is a skill that can take a very long time to master and even then you will probably never know everything.

After you have selected an instructor and a swing technique, it is now time to practice what you have been learning. Again, it isn’t as simple as just hitting golf balls out there. You’ve been shown certain mechanics that you need to now incorporate into your golf swing. The only way to implement this is by doing lots of practice golf swings in front of a mirror or at the practice range.

By doing lots of practice swings, your muscles will memorize your new golf swing mechanics, so that you can do them consistently when you begin hitting real golf shots out on the golf course. By just hitting golf balls down at the driving range, you will keep reverting back to your old golf swing habits.

In my many years of trying to work out and perfect my own golf swing, I didn’t see it clearly until I went through this online golf program. When I accepted the simplicity of the natural golf swing that I was taught, and I related it to my own golf swing, the pieces began to fit together.

It’s all about my favorite topic. In order to improve your golf swing mechanics, you must invest in your own self, the time and energy at the practice range. In order to improve golf swing you must first analysis, understand and implement the changes needed. You can do this with the help of training aids that can be found at my website. Website: Author:Scott E. Kowalski

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