Why Staying Balanced Is So Important In Your Golf Swing

by David Jenyns on April 10, 2011

Having a balanced golf swing is really a big key secret to hitting successful golf shots.

When you can swing naturally and smoothly, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced golf swing and become much more consistent.

When golfers hit bad shots, a lot of times they are off balance. Either they swung too hard, trying to kill the ball, or they tried to manipulate the golf club unnaturally in some way.

Here are some keys that can help you stay more balanced in your golf swing:

At the setup position, make sure your weight is on the balls of your feet. This is critical not only for staying in balance but also for swinging the club on the correct path. Having your weight too far forward on your toes or too far back on your heels will make your swing path get off track and the only way to hit a good shot will be to make compensations for it in your swing.

Good tempo is something all the touring professionals have.  A golfer who maintains proper tempo in their swing can really gain a tremendous amount of distance and accuracy.  It’s not about swinging as hard as you can to hit it far.  In fact, trying to swing too hard will almost always work against you.  If you lose your balance, that golf club is getting off path and you’ll suffer from inconsistency with your golf shots.

If you ever watch the pros on TV, they have a knack for making the golf swing look effortless. This is because their swing tempos are so smooth. No one is trying to kill the ball or swing 100% as hard as they possibly can. A lot of amateurs could benefit greatly by simply learning to slow their golf swings down a bit and consequently stay more balanced.

The percentage of hitting good shots goes way up when you don’t need to compensate and simply swing your golf club on the correct path in the backswing and the downswing.

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